"The staff and services were fantastic. My trainer went above and beyond. The practical room was great for the hands on experience. The support with work placement is great too.

The high-level welding courses offered at Atec Ottoway are not commonly available elsewhere, meaning that I was privileged enough that my company was able to fly me from Albury to Adelaide for a week to attend this course.
I found my experience at ATEC very educational. The teachers were very accommodating as well as challenging and encouraging, this to me is the mark of excellent educators.
I finished the course with a deeper appreciation for welding and fabrication from such a high level and will bring these skills and knowledge back to my workplace.
Special thanks to my instructors:
Nick Vernardis
Stephen K.

"Best First Aid class I've attended. I will be recommending to others."


TAPS had an idea and took it to Adelaide Training and Employment Centre (ATEC). They were fantastic, they took the idea and helped develop a program.

ATEC showed professionalism and excellent training methods throughout the program. The students were engaged for the whole period. They commenced two weeks work experience and we now have 11 fantastic apprentices who love what they do. They are skilled and have the licences and tickets required ensuring they are safe at work and valuable to their host employers.

"While completing the Certificate II in Construction course at ATEC's Lonsdale campus, I began applying for entry level positions as a diamond drilling offsider. Within two weeks I was offered a job in Western Australia on a 2:1 FIFO roster in an incredible work environment with amazing pay. Out of the 14 applicants I was the only one hired and I never would have landed my dream job without the Certificate II in Construction and support ATEC provided."

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