Learning and Support Services


Full time / Part time training

ATEC is very flexible in its ability to deliver training and can do so in various modes and timeframes including full-time and part-time but generally training is delivered in consultation with the learner and where relevant the employer.

Continuous enrolment

For learner convenience ATEC does not require learners to re-enrol each term/semester/year.

Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assistance

Where a need is identified, ATEC offers learners LLN Assessment in the context of their training course and where necessary additional support will be negotiated with the learner and training staff e.g. individual tutoring or an external service provider.

All learners undertaking a pre-employment training course are required to complete the ATEC LLN test as part of the application process.

Student counselling

All trainers and assessors are able to provide counselling services to learners and where necessary referral to professional services.

E-learning platforms

ATEC is currently in the process of implementing its e-Learning platform with the development of resources currently underway. Learners are able to communicate electronically with trainers and case managers, and along with employers, will soon be able to access resources through an online portal.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessments

ATEC's RPL Policy and processes ensure that RPL is an integrated component of its competency-based course delivery and assessment.

ATEC provides learners with RPL services that include an assessment of previous work experience and other informal learning for entry into, and/or partial completion of a qualification.

Individual tutoring

Where identified by case managers, training and assessment staff or the learner, individual tutoring can be arranged and if necessary referral to professional services can be accessed.

Disability support

All of ATEC's training sites across metropolitan Adelaide are accessible to learners with disabilities.   Where appropriate ATEC can access support services to assist learners with disabilities.   ATEC's contribution and commitment to the community has been recognised through receipt of a Disability Training Provider of the Year award.

Sourcing and approving enterprises for work placements

ATEC sources and approves enterprises for work placements in a number of ways e.g. advertising, industry and employer contacts, etc. All placements are approved on an individual basis to ensure compliance with regulatory and insurance requirements. Work placements are generally only provided for pre-employment training courses where work experience is a requirement of the training course.

Employment assistance

Whilst employment opportunities cannot be guaranteed, ATEC can offer employment assistance to suitable graduates through its network of industry and employer contacts, links with Group Training Organisations and Apprenticeship Centres, through ATEC Recruitment Solutions and its relationships with Job Services Australia (JSA) agencies.

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