ATEC Group Training Apprentice Assistance

To:   ATEC Group Training Apprentices

From:    ATEC Management
ATEC - Adelaide Training & Employment Centre

Contact Phone:  1300 112 832
Fax:    08 8447 4311

SUBJECT:  Need Help?

Adelaide Training and Employment Centre Inc (ATEC) is committed to providing effective ways for apprentices to seek support and have issues responded to quickly, and with the minimum distress and maximum respect for those involved.

What to do:

1. In the first instance, please try to sort out the matter by discussing it with your ATEC Group Training Field Officer; they are eager to put things right for you.

2. If for some reason you can't talk about the issue with your ATEC Group Training Field Officer, or you have tried but are still not satisfied, please ask to speak with the Manager Group Training, who will talk to you about your concern to assist in sorting things out as far as is reasonably possible.

3. If for some reason you can't talk with the above people, please use this e-form as a quick way to send a message to ATEC Management.

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