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What to expect from the ATEC process

Posted on 11 December 2013


What to expect from the ATEC process

Whether you need a machine operator, electrical fitter, business administrator or other skilled apprentice, Adelaide Training and Employment Centre can help your business with recruitment and external apprenticeships in South Australia. Our streamlined process takes the hard work out of finding and training the right candidates.


Complete Recruitment Services


The more information you provide to ATEC about the type of apprentice you’re looking for, the more refined our recruitment process will be. We will search our extensive databases to find candidates with the most relevant skills and the right attitude to succeed in your business. We can also advertise on local and national levels if more candidates are needed.

All potential apprentices are subject to thorough screening and interviews, as well as reference checks and testing if appropriate. When our trainers are satisfied that they have found the best selection of candidates, we will provide you with a comprehensive shortlist and you can conduct your own interviews if desired.


ATEC Group Training


Whether your vacancy requires specialised knowledge or general industry skills, ATEC Group Training ensures all our apprentices have the skills and knowhow required for the role. Apprentices receive introductory training and ongoing mentoring in the latest industry trends and technologies, so employers won’t have to worry about providing training themselves and can focus their attention on core business strategies.

When you hire apprentices through ATEC Group Training, you will benefit from work-ready employees who are eager to succeed and will receive ongoing support for the duration of their contracts. ATEC’s flexible hiring scheme only requires employers to pay for the time the apprentice is working for them, reducing financial obligations and administration.


Recruitment in Adelaide

For more information about hiring an apprentice in Adelaide, contact Adelaide Training and Employment Centre on 1300 112 832 for details on their flexible recruitment and hiring process.


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