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The value of apprenticeships in your business

Posted by ATEC Group Training on 20 February 2014
Apprentice training is a mutually advantageous solution that gives eager workers the chance to build their skills on the job, while enabling employers to save money on recruiting and training the skilled workers of the future.

Whether you work in construction, industrial, electrical, manufacturing or other industries that depend on skilled tradespeople, Adelaide Training and Employment Centre can take the hard work out of training the right candidates for multiple roles.


Flexibility that suits your business needs and requirements

Whether you need an apprentice for a long-term role or you’re just looking to fill a temporary position, ATEC operates flexible apprentice hiring arrangements that meet your needs. We specialise in rotating apprentices between employers, which gives workers more opportunities to gain essential experience and means employers only hire apprentices for as long as they are needed.


On-site training

Another huge advantage ATEC offers businesses is our ability to provide a large portion of training on site with the employer if that suits. We find that many businesses prefer their apprentices to be trained on their equipment in their workplace and it enables a true partnership between us, the apprentice and importantly you the employer.


Apprentice hire and training in Adelaide

The Adelaide Training and Employment Centre works with employers, industry groups and communities throughout South Australia to match ideal candidates to available vacancies.

Call 1300 112 832 to hire an apprentice in Adelaide with ATEC.


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