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The importance of the employer-apprentice relationship

Posted on 5 January 2014

The importance of the employer-apprentice relationship

There are many advantages to hiring an apprentice, but employers and apprentices need to understand each other’s rights and responsibilities to avoid problems and ensure all parties benefit from on-the-job apprentice training.


Roles of apprentices

Apprenticeship contracts vary between employers, but in general the apprentice’s training is of primary importance, with work being carried out for the employer being secondary. That doesn’t mean apprentices can be negligent in duties assigned to them however, as employers can contact the training organisation if any problems arise. Regular assessments will ensure trainees are working at optimal productivity.Apprentices are required to balance regular training and mentoring sessions, and are encouraged to raise any issues or provide feedback to their employers before contacting their training provider for the benefit of the employer-apprentice relationship.

Responsibilities of employers

Employers taking on apprentices should not expect the same level of expertise or efficiency as a standard employee, due to the apprentice’s comparative lack of experience. Employers should aim to offer a safe and positive environment in which the apprentice is encouraged to learn about various aspects of the business and to expand their skills set for the future. Protective terms may be included in apprenticeship contracts in the event that the recruit is not performing as expected.

If your business does not have the time or resources available to provide apprenticeship training and assessment, these services can be carried out by dedicated training organisations. Flexible arrangements are also available to provide apprentices as needed without ongoing employment obligations.


Registered apprenticeship training in South Australia

Hiring an apprentice in South Australia has never been easier thanks to the programs available at Adelaide Training and Employment Centre.

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