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How to find an apprentice that suits you

Posted by ATEC Group Training on 12 January 2014

How to find an apprentice that suits you

Apprenticeships are mutually beneficial arrangements for employers and apprentices alike, but if you don’t choose the right candidate you could be stuck with an unsuitable trainee for the duration of their contract. Knowing what to look for in a trainee will ensure you get the most out of hiring an apprentice for your business.

Qualities to look for

If the position you’re looking to fill requires a certain attitude, skills or experience, you should look for these qualities just as you would when hiring a regular employee. Apprentices are less likely to have experience in the industry, of course – especially in the case of recent school leavers and university graduates – and this can make the interview process all the more important for selecting the most suitable candidate.Beyond job-specific skills, a good apprentice should display an eagerness to learn the business and to gain experience. A positive attitude and motivated personality are key requirements that you can be confident will be met when you hire an apprentice from a trusted organisation.

Where to look

Maximise your chances of finding the ideal apprentice by contacting a reputable training and employment organisation in Australia. These not-for-profit organisations are dedicated to providing hard-working apprentices of all ages, and will take care of all the paperwork involved.

When looking for apprenticeships, find out whether the organisation provides its own training and regular mentoring services to ease the strain on your business. You should also check the flexibility of apprenticeship arrangements if you are only looking for a temporary employee.

Hire an apprentice in Ottoway

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