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Adnan's Second Chance

Posted by ATEC on 16 July 2019
Adnan's Second Chance

As a young boy, in 1993, Adnan Bejtic and his family arrived in Australia after escaping the Balkan war in Bosnia. After completing his schooling in Adelaide he worked as a painter for around three years. He really wanted a career in electrical, so he started an electrical apprenticeship in a private business in 2011.

However Adnan soon found himself in a challenging moment in his lifehe left his apprenticeship in 2014, made a number of poor decisions, which sent him into the lowest of lows in late 2016.

Once he emerged from this dark period, he wanted to recommence his training, but didn't know where to start. He couldn't imagine anyone taking him on with such a chequered past.

At the recommendation of a friend who had finished their apprenticeship through ATEC, Adnan reached out and spoke with Brett Ridley, who invited him in for an interview. The interview went well, and the rest as they say is history.

Since then, Adnan's life has taken a 180-degree turn for the better. Adnan is now completing his Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician, is father to four beautiful children (and one on the way), and has found renewed faith.

Adnan is beyond grateful for the opportunity ATEC provided him, and in particular, his trainer Brett.

"I look at it as a second chance," says Adnan. "I hope I've done right by them because they've done right by me."

Adnan says he would absolutely recommend ATEC as it truly turned his life and career around. He especially appreciates the strong support structures in place, for example, if there are ever troubles at home, there's always someone to talk to at ATEC.

Adnan has gained great experience from the variety of host employers he has worked with. He now has skills in many areas in both the commercial world and beyond, which would have been more difficult to get in just one company.

Lastly, Adnan knows first-hand the challenges of being an apprentice, on apprentice wages, having to support a partner and children. Fortunately, ATEC has been reliable in looking after both his studies and payments.

Adnan's return to training has been so successful that he has been nominated for the 2019 Apprentice of the Year award.

We congratulate Adnan on his nomination and couldn't be prouder of the hard work he has dedicated to turning his life around. 


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