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10 reasons to choose an apprentice through ATEC: Part 2

Posted on 26 November 2013

10 reasons to choose an apprentice through ATEC: Part 2

Struggling to find the perfect apprentice for your business? Here are more reasons to choose Adelaide Training and Employment Centre for registered apprenticeships in Ottoway, Adelaide and other areas across South Australia.


6. Quality apprentices


ATEC offers a complete recruitment service and takes care of screenings, interviews, references and testing to provide you with a shortlist of the very best apprentices on the market. We are committed to finding the ideal candidate to match your business needs.


7. Trained professionals


ATEC is recognised as a leading Registered Training Organisation in South Australia, offering a high standard of training for apprentices and ongoing mentoring to create highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. We provide vocational training, business services training and community services training in all the latest industry trends and technologies.


8. Reputable organisation


We are a not-for-profit organisation certified to the International Standards Organisation's 9001 Quality Management Systems standard. Our services and facilities are continually assessed and upgraded to meet the changing needs of customers, and to ensure we maintain a strong reputation for quality apprentice training and recruitment in Adelaide.


9. No-fuss hiring process


When you choose to employ a suitable apprentice through ATEC, we will take care of all the paperwork and create tailored work plans to save you time and reduce administration costs.


10. Rotate apprentices to suit your business needs


If you require more than one apprentice in the same role, ATEC will work with you to create a flexible employment contract, allowing you to hire multiple apprentices for however long they are needed.


Experienced apprenticeships in Adelaide


Adelaide Training and Employment Centre is a quality certified organisation that can help you hire an apprentice in South Australia. Call us on 1300 112 832 for more information about candidates and training programs available at ATEC.


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