The benefits of taking on an apprentice through ATEC

Posted by ATEC on 28 April 2014


ATEC has over 24 years of experience in training and placing apprentices in diverse roles across the industries and in the community. Our fully equipped training centres in Ottoway and Lonsdale equip apprentices with the preliminary skills and qualifications they need to be placed in real work environments, where our staff take care of on-site training and make sure businesses needs are being met at all times.


Benefits for apprentices

ATEC is dedicated to providing affordable and relevant training to candidates to give them the best chance of securing continuous employment now and in the future. We are registered to provide Nationally Accredited Courses covering many industries, from construction, manufacturing and electrical positions to business administration and aged care, as well as short courses in first aid, manual handling, white card, forklift truck operation and other skills to give motivated apprentices the edge.

We work with a large number of employers, government bodies and industry groups to match suitable candidates with the right jobs. Further to this, ATEC provide ongoing training to make sure our apprentices are given all the opportunities to succeed while gaining invaluable experience on-site.


Benefits for employers

ATEC takes the hard work out of recruiting and training willing apprentices, saving employers time and money without distracting from key business strategies. We offer a complete recruitment service from screening to placement and monitoring. Our certified trainers provide ongoing training and assessment to make sure all parties are satisfied.

Our flexible training programs and recruitment services are designed to give employers complete freedom in hiring apprentices for as long as needed, without the need for long-term contracts. We pride ourselves on finding the right person to meet the needs of your business.


Apprenticeships in Adelaide

For more information about apprentice training and recruitment services in Adelaide, contact Adelaide Training and Employment Centre (ATEC) on 1300 112 832.


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Apprenticeships 101: Everything you need to know about hiring an apprentice

Posted by ATEC Group Training on 11 March 2014
Apprenticeships are a timeless tradition that benefits employers as well as skilled people looking to gain valuable experience in their chosen field. Hiring an apprentice in Adelaide has never been easier thanks to the services available at Adelaide Training and Employment Centre, where we take care of all the recruitment, administration and training for you.


Reasons to hire an apprentice

Whatever industry your business operates in, apprentices can be a perfect fit for many roles. What apprentices usually lack in experience they make up for in an eagerness to learn. By giving apprentices the chance to grow their skills on the job you will be helping to shape the next generation of skilled workers, not to mention saving money compared to the cost of hiring a regular employee.


Personalised assistance tailored to your business

ATEC will assign a qualified Case Manager to support you with all your needs from recruitment to training.  We can assist with hiring apprentices out to your business if you can’t guarantee long term work or if you want to directly employ an apprentice we can help you source the right person and then set up training that fits your needs and timetables.


Hire an apprentice in Adelaide

Find out more about ATEC’s registered apprenticeship training in Ottoway and other locations in South Australia by calling us on 1300 112 832.



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The value of apprenticeships in your business

Posted by ATEC Group Training on 20 February 2014
Apprentice training is a mutually advantageous solution that gives eager workers the chance to build their skills on the job, while enabling employers to save money on recruiting and training the skilled workers of the future.

Whether you work in construction, industrial, electrical, manufacturing or other industries that depend on skilled tradespeople, Adelaide Training and Employment Centre can take the hard work out of training the right candidates for multiple roles.


Flexibility that suits your business needs and requirements

Whether you need an apprentice for a long-term role or you’re just looking to fill a temporary position, ATEC operates flexible apprentice hiring arrangements that meet your needs. We specialise in rotating apprentices between employers, which gives workers more opportunities to gain essential experience and means employers only hire apprentices for as long as they are needed.


On-site training

Another huge advantage ATEC offers businesses is our ability to provide a large portion of training on site with the employer if that suits. We find that many businesses prefer their apprentices to be trained on their equipment in their workplace and it enables a true partnership between us, the apprentice and importantly you the employer.


Apprentice hire and training in Adelaide

The Adelaide Training and Employment Centre works with employers, industry groups and communities throughout South Australia to match ideal candidates to available vacancies.

Call 1300 112 832 to hire an apprentice in Adelaide with ATEC.


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Trades available with ATEC

Posted by ATEC Group Training on 11 February 2014

Adelaide Training and Employment Centre offers apprentice training and recruitment services in Adelaide for a large network of employers and organisations.

We work with companies in multiple industries as well as schools and government institutions to match the right people to the right job.


ATEC Apprentice Hire

We provide eager apprentices to engineering, manufacturing and electrical companies, among other industries in South Australia. ATEC recruits and places apprentices with businesses in roles such as fitters, machinists, welders, electricians and administrators to relieve employers of the burden of recruitment, payroll and awards. We also provide flexibility of tenure i.e. you have and pay for an apprentice whilst you have the work!


ATEC Nationally Accredited Courses

Whether you’re interested in engineering, construction, management, aged and disability care or other vocations, ATEC’s Nationally Accredited Courses are designed to teach students all the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen field, as well as achieving qualifications that will be recognised Australia-wide. Training is provided by experienced trade professionals, with additional short courses available covering aspects such as first aid, manual handling, white card and forklift truck operation to boost your skills set further.


Why choose ATEC?

We have been providing apprenticeship training in Adelaide for 25 years, and are recognised as a leader in placing candidates in the right industries that match their skills and interests. Apprenticeships give people from all backgrounds the chance to learn from experience in a real work environment and to earn income while growing their skills.


At ATEC, we make sure our apprentices are proficient in the latest technologies and practices to make them desirable to employers now and in the future. Regular rotation gives ATEC apprentices the chance to work with different employers through the duration of their apprenticeship.


Registered apprenticeships in Adelaide

For more information about apprentice training in Adelaide and South Australia with ATEC, call us on 1300 112 832.

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How to find an apprentice that suits you

Posted by ATEC Group Training on 12 January 2014

How to find an apprentice that suits you

Apprenticeships are mutually beneficial arrangements for employers and apprentices alike, but if you don’t choose the right candidate you could be stuck with an unsuitable trainee for the duration of their contract. Knowing what to look for in a trainee will ensure you get the most out of hiring an apprentice for your business.

Qualities to look for

If the position you’re looking to fill requires a certain attitude, skills or experience, you should look for these qualities just as you would when hiring a regular employee. Apprentices are less likely to have experience in the industry, of course – especially in the case of recent school leavers and university graduates – and this can make the interview process all the more important for selecting the most suitable candidate.Beyond job-specific skills, a good apprentice should display an eagerness to learn the business and to gain experience. A positive attitude and motivated personality are key requirements that you can be confident will be met when you hire an apprentice from a trusted organisation.

Where to look

Maximise your chances of finding the ideal apprentice by contacting a reputable training and employment organisation in Australia. These not-for-profit organisations are dedicated to providing hard-working apprentices of all ages, and will take care of all the paperwork involved.

When looking for apprenticeships, find out whether the organisation provides its own training and regular mentoring services to ease the strain on your business. You should also check the flexibility of apprenticeship arrangements if you are only looking for a temporary employee.

Hire an apprentice in Ottoway

Adelaide Training and Employment Centre is a leader in placing apprentices in the right industries.

For more information about our recruitment services in South Australia, contact ATEC on 1300 112 832.


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