Managing Apprentice Progression

Written on the 9 October 2012

ATEC has been selected to be a part of a national electrical apprenticeship pilot program to improve apprentice completion rates across the country.

The program is underpinned by industry verified Benchmark Points.  As apprentices demonstrate competency against these benchmarks, both practically and theoretically, they can progress to the next phase of their apprenticeship.  In this way, the apprenticeship model will be based on competency attainment, rather than time.

The new model is supported by mentor services, interactive online resources (blended e-learning), a national apprentice register holding individual skills profiles, professional development for RTOs to deliver blended learning and national question banks.

Importantly, the upfront recruitment for the pilot is essential, to ensure people are ready and equipped for a trade qualification.

The pilot is calling on potential apprentices to be part of the program.  To do so, candidates need to sit a Readiness Assessment at ATEC.

The Readiness Assessment dates and times can be found at or call ATEC on 1300 112 832.

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